7 Students Sue Detroit Public Schools and State of Michigan for the right to read

7 Students Sue Detroit Public Schools and State of Michigan for the right to read

1. 2016- The Detroit Literacy Lawsuit- 7 Detroit students sue Detroit Public Schools and the State of Michigan

The students alleged that they had not no real chance to get an education because of poor conditions of their school buildings, the lack of textbooks and other learning materials available, and their teachers’ lack of qualifications. The suit argued the school were, “school in names only,” and laid the blame with the state of Michigan which controlled Detroit Public Schools for the last 20 years.

· 2018- Judge tossed out lawsuit saying there was no federal right to literacy.

· April 2018 on appeal it was stated for the first time in history, the constitution guarantees a minimum level of education for every student. No legal precedent set for a constitutional right to literacy.

· Michigan Governor Whitmer settles lawsuit

· Each of the 7 students received $40, 000

· 2.7 million was given to the district

· Governor promised to pursue legislation to give $94 million to the Detroit Public Schools for literacy programs

· February 8, 2023 the Governor Whitmer’s education budget proposal did include $94 million to Detroit Public Schools. Budget goes into effect Oct 1, 2023

· Pandemic Literacy- 2021 to present day. School closings and online learning put black children that were already struggling with reading further behind in reading. Black Children are more times more likely to be homeless and any other group in America and live below the poverty level.

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